Self Development

SELF DEVELOPMENT.Have you ever asked yourself how you can get to the next level? Could be rich or successful? When I talk of rich I mean having freedom to make choices and do what you want to achieve your vision. When I say success I mean adding value to yourself. Success needs preparation, going from ordinary to extraordinary. Always learn to dominate and not competing. Growth comes in by asking questions and not giving directions because this brings in new ideas on board. Ideas are like muscles they are key you either take them or lose. The only difference between successful and unsuccessful is how time is utilized by each. You don’t seek success you make yourself valuable with discipline being the key and vision that’s brings in strength and simplifies life because with vision you are able to make choices that help you get to your destiny. Have you ever looked at your life and seen things that deter your development? could be your friends, things you did in the past, beliefs or env…

Kajiado Memories

The #empowerakenyangirl Campaign against Female Genital Mutilation(FGM) and early and forced marriages at Kajiado was an event to be kept in record books. It was a life-changing, transformative and inspiring moment. An event that really opened eyes, talking of eye I am talking about the eyes of the mind. The ability to see the world with a different look. The understanding that what seems so obvious and so rightful to you is not for everyone out there. This really awakened our senses and made us value what we had, educated us more about the infringed rights of girls within this society and what could we do to bring change to their environment.
The Swahili people will tell you ‘tenda wema nenda zako’ meaning do good and get moving, don’t remain and wait for gratitude. We were really grateful of the few days that we spent at Kajiado and the impact however little it was for the girls. The largest chunk of the eve…

No mistakes in life,only lessons.

No mistakes in life, only lessons. Where you are today may not be where you envisioned yourself to be at this age, at this point of time but you are. However, the fact and reality is that whether you like where you are today or not, every step, every person whom you allowed to impact your life, every opportunity you grabbed or rejected, every success and failure you have gone through has led you to where you are today. The challenges we face in life bring us closer to our success, remember that golds and diamonds are not obtained from the surface but it is after irritation of the oyster that produces pearl. Do not settle for the good, the best is yet to come, be courageous and leave your comfort zones this because you can't discover distant shore if you are afraid to leave the safety of your harbor. Everyone desires success not forgetting that success is always reliant on attitude and we are always capable of achieving it but having what you truly desire begins with adopting a winn…

Celebrating Our Abled Differently .

 A transition from my Unspoken to Beauty for Ashes.
Christine Miloyo, Founder and President of Global Youth Agenda.
Being an abled differently person, is not an easy ride, especially when the condition is acquired. More so, being a woman with a disability in today’s society it’s like life handed you lemons while the rest were given apples. The stigma associated with mental health especially in African countries, especially for a woman is quite a great challenge.The transition from my unspoken to Beauty for ashes traces back to the jiffy when I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in July 2015, indeed it seemed like the world had slam shut its window of opportunities on me. I saw the restrictions associated with having a cerebral condition. However, this was a hurdle I had to cross before I could be crowned with my long overdue awaited graduation which was really crowned with pomp and flickering colors. Investing eight years in Campus (Kenyatta University) is not s…

Breaking the Barrier


Cost of Traditions

Every community, tribe ,society has a significantly distinctive  function from the rest ,a function that when you see it or hear about it, you simply have an idea of what that group is.Welcome to Africa and Kenya in particular, a beautiful land with a composition of upto 42 different communities, what a blessing! With so many dishes across, different modes of dressing, different songs, different dialects and so many more. We call it diversity of culture. Well a sack cannot carry only good potatoes, in relation to this despite the fact that we have good practices among our diverse communities practices like male circumcision which reduces the chances of contracting HIV/AIDS among men, Bull fighting which creates harmony and unity among the Luhyas tribe just to mention a few, we also have destructive practices in our cultures. Practices like Female Genital Mutilation popularly known as FGM, early and/or forced marriages. FGM being a practiced culture among the Maasai ,the Somali and some …